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David Hansen can be described as no less than an artist when it comes to hair replacement systems.  His tools includes; shears, a razor, a vent brush, and a hair dryer, all used in a unique European special technique. His canvas is in the hair piece which is custom made for each individual. He puts his heart and soul into every hair restoration system, trying to make the next one better than the last. That builds a strong relationship with clients, treating each like family.  It is his mission to ensure that they are provided with the best hair replacement possible.

It's a good choice to chose David Hansen to customize and style a hair piece. David is well known in Chicago and favored for how excellent he styles hair; he even has his own technique! Not only is David very skilled in hair styling, he also has visual and certified proof with his numerous awards; 2 world championships/ 5 national/ and 7different states!


In 1970, David started making hairpieces. He has had his business for about 10 years inside of the John Hancock Observatory center and Michigan ave for 35 years. David is not just another professional barber and hairstylist, yet David is a natural in studying heredity baldness, alopecia, accident burn victims and general hair loss.


David enjoys what he does best; he helps individuals look their best and feel good about their new hair style. Over the time, after many years David have developed good friendships with new and loyal clients from varies ages and cultural backgrounds.

Why is David a good choice?


David's father was a barber yet since David was 5 years old, he observed and assisted his father with more than 2,500 clients get styled and tapered. David Hansen elevated to a professional level hair barber and hair stylist and now has has traveled to different countries such as Mexico, Canada, the U.S. exotic islands like the Bahamas. He has transit from country/farm like life to fast pace city life; that's a big transition! David Hansen has been an instructor to over 2,000 people all over the United States and Mexico!


David is not only a hair stylist, he is also an author. He has writted multiple books, including "Baldness & it's Alternative" and "Secrets of a Master Hairstylist"!


David will do whatever he can for you and explains the process very simple to everyone so they have an understanding and reassurance of the everything that transpire . Please check out the "Before and Afters" section to see the various hairpieces and full skullcaps David Hansen has made. You can see and experience for yourself how natural they look and feel!


Check out our videos posted on this site and also numerous videos on you-tube that shows step by step how to make process, cut and style. You can also subscribe for free leave comments after viewing any videos for David Hansen's channel on you-tube.


David Hansen is often assisted by a remarkable and skillful apprentice that prioritize to stay organized and presentable. 


A personal assistant and also:

  • Business Promoter
  • Production Assistant
  • Interior Designer


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